Re: Dual Tree Supports for Vertical Loop


From: Wynn C C (
Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 13:49:48 EDT

> The 4th tree is 61 feet away from and perpendicular to my center support
> tree and is looking like a nice spot for a 60' x 40' vertical loop. My
> question - How should I support the vertical loop corners between the two
> trees? I am thinking about a pulley/weight arrangement for the corners on
> one side with nylon cord supports to the tree at the other. Also, does anyone
> have strong feelings about how the loop should be polarized (since I have a
> choice)? I will initially be using it on bands to test performance, but from
> what I have read, polarization is not a big deal on HF.
> 72
> john, n3qoo

   You did not specify the shape of your loop, circular, square, delta,
inverted delta, rectangular. The shape can affect the best means of
mechanical suspension. According to W1FB, the circular loop has the
highest gain, followed by the square, then delta. Also the vertical
loop does not have to be exactly vertical. This can also accomodate
a compromise suspension system. I believe the bottom or top feed gives
you horizontal polarization and the side feed gives you vertical
for a full wave loop.

Which to choose depends on the propagation characteristics you are
looking for. A skewed polarization might work best, although I have
not seen it tried.

Clay N4AOX

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