Re: Micro Broadcasting Kits


Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 13:16:18 EDT

Brian wrote about Microbroadcasting Kits:

I might add that William Cooper, a Constitutionalist candidate for President who
broadcasts on WWCR, 5065Khz at 0400Z on weekdays is now pushing QRP FM transmitters
for "all the Patriots out there" to get the word across in their local communities.

He is selling a 5 Watt FM xmitter for $100 in kit form, and $150 assembled with
"free dipole antenna thrown in".

He suggests that the FCC doesn't care about FM broadcasting w/o license as long as
the broadcaster selects an un-used channel.

Looks like several of our militia neighbors are going to become QRP operators!

For those that wonder how I can listen to this stuff, I assure you, its one of the
best ways of studying how paranoia of the *extreme* right wing is spread...I
usually can't make it through an entire hour though.

Isn't QRP fun?, 72, Bob
Bob Follett WA7FCU

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