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From: lhalliday@creo.bc.ca
Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 13:31:11 EDT

I'm cannibalizing a dead VCR and a couple of dead TV sets for parts,
and they're loaded with little RFCs - if I could only decipher their

The items are little blobs with radial leads. The body colour is
either pastel lavender (most of them), or pastel blue (a few). Typical
markings are a brown dot on one end, a gold dot on the other end, and
a brown and green dot on top. This suggests 150 uH. Does this sound

I know, this is a perfect excuse to buy a new DMM that measures L and
C - but I thought I'd check with the list first...so much nicer than
the usually-somewhat-surly local electronics store. :-)

With winter coming up for us northern hemisphere folks, please allow
me to reiterate that stripping dead consumer electronics for parts is
a fine activity for winter evenings, and a great - not to mention
cheap - way to build up your junkbox. I have salvaged dual-gate
MOSFETs (e.g. 3SK51), power transistors (e.g. 2N3866), FETs (MPF102,
2N3819, various 2SK), numerous crystals (usually 3.58 MHz), variable
capacitors (some with nice reduction drives - UHF tuners, transistor
radios), switches, knobs, little speakers, IF can transformers, wire
in any colour you could ever want (the VCR alone has hundreds of
meters of wire in it!), and, of course, innumerable resistors,
capacitors and inductors. Much of this stuff is available for hauling
it away.

73 from Burnaby,
laura VE7LDH

Email: lhalliday@creo.bc.ca / ve7ldh@amsat.org

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