KC1 info


From: Wayne Burdick (burdick@interval.com)
Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 13:28:23 EDT

There seem to be many questions about the KC1 lately. I'll be happy to
send the full text of the "Operation" section of the manual by e-mail to
anyone who's interested. It's too long to send to everyone.

I took the KC1 to the NorCal meeting on Sunday and demonstrated all of the
new features, including use of the "repeat word" symbol which saves a lot
of message memory (really helps when you have only 50 bytes of EEPROM for
messages). Thanks again to all of the NorCal members who have helped with
testing and manual review, especially Stan Cooper, K4DRD, and Bob Warmke,
W6CYX. (By the way, 'CYX, who is a famous critic of keyers, says he likes
the KC1 better than the Super CMOS II....high praise! Of course it's apples
and oranges, but it makes the designer feel good.)


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