Antenna Wire


From: Paulette Quick, N9OUH (
Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 06:44:31 EDT

Finally, I am making the final transition to my supposedly permanent
residence. (I've been living with a friend for two weeks after the sudden
move from the old place.)

When I brought some stuff over this week I talked with my new roommate
Joanne, who is also my landlord and owner of the house. She seems ok about
having an outdoor antenna.

Since I'm experiencing a bad case of radio withdrawl, I want to get back on
the air as soon as possible.

I am considering making a horizontal loop. Question: what kind of wire
should I use? Lots of Madison hams just use some cheap thin stuff they
pick up at hamfests. Another friend says she will go to Fleet Farm and get
some insulated solid copper wire for 5 cents a foot. Is it better for the
wire to be insulated? Should it be copper? Aluminum ok? What is the
suggested wire size? Another other ideas appreciated.

I am going to take antenna books with me when I visit my (non-ham) twin
brother in Manitowoc, Wisconsin this weekend and I will dream of wonderful
antenna loop designs.

Soon to be on the air again,


Paulette Quick

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