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From: Jim Eshleman (lujce@hooch.CC.Lehigh.EDU)
Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 10:52:21 EDT

> Jim,
> How much is the Spirit?


  I cc'ing this to the list as well, as it may answer a few questions for
newcomers that may not have seen it. Many thanks to Bob for the great

  Don't forget, Dayton discussion goes to dayton-l@Lehigh.EDU :-)


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Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 15:41:35 -0230
From: (Robert J. Gobrick)
Subject: New QRP Rigs at Dayton Article

QRP-L gang,

The following is a pre-release of an article that I am making avaiable to
any QRP club newsletter that so desires it. It is dated material (things
are changing fast in the qrpo kit world) so I am making it avialble for
qrp-l distribution.


73/72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB


By Bob Gobrick VO1DRB/WA6ERB

The QRP ARCI hospitality suite was hopping this year at the Dayton
Hamvention. Not only were there a good number of club representatives there
from the NorCal QRP Club, New England QRP Club, G-QRP Club, and St. Louis
QRP Club showing off there new club projects but there was a nice
representation from the QRP commercial vendors. I will highlight a number
of new items seen this year.

NorCal: The NorCal QRP Club was in the spotlight again this year with the
announcement of the upcoming $165 Cascade dual band 20 and 75 meter SSB QRP
rig, built along the lines of the Sierra with plug in band modules and
pop-top. The design is by John Liebenrood K7RO. It will be a winner for
the QRP gang as well as other groups that NorCal is entertaining like the
Bicycle Mobile Hams.

The second offering by the NorCal QRP gang will be a joint venture with the
St. Louis QRP Club. The St. Louis Tuner will be a do-everything antenna
tuner with dual meter swr and built in dummy load. The unit is planned to
be kitted in a NorCal 40A or Sierra case after the Cascade project is
completed. Tentative price for unit is in the $50 range.

Wilderness Radio: A new QRP kit company has joined the fraternity.
Wilderness Radio was started by a NorCal QRP member who is presently
planning commercial releases of Wayne Burdick N6KR designs of the NorCal 40A
and Sierra. Wilderness Radio has no commercial ties with the NorCal QRP
Club. The first price release will be a commercial version of the NorCal
40A kit complete with painted cabinet etc. Pricing at $129 puts the unit in
competition with the equally priced Oak Hills Research Explorer kit.

Small Wonders Labs: Dave Benson NN1G is marketing the commercial version of
the popular New England QRP Club NE-4040 rig that appeared in the November
1994 issue of QST. Small Wonders Lab has no commercial ties with the New
England QRP Club. Price of the SWL is $50 and it is one of the best priced
entry level superhet receiver QRP transceivers in the market today. The
kits are available in 160, 80, 40 and 30 meter models. New to Dayton, Dave
introduced a very nice prepunched, prepainted and prelabelled cabinet with
all controls, sockets and mounting hardware included. This $30 option still
makes the SWL rig one of the best bargains in the QRP market.

S&S Engineering: Dick N3SAD and Kathy KA3ZOW of S&S Engineering were at the
Michigan QRP booth inside the Hamvention as well at the hospitality booth
every night - makes for long days. They were proudly showing off their new
marvel - the TAC-1 kit. The TAC-1 builds upon the great synthesized tuner
development of the ARC 40 and ARC 4 QRP transceivers. The TAC-1 now has a
knob-tuned digital display along with electronic QSK, superhet receiver and
much more. 80 meters is first unit out with 40, 20 and 30 to possibly
follow. Priced at $199.95

Oak Hill Research: Dick at Oak Hills Research does not want to rest on the
success of his kits to date - the nice Sprint II direct conversion
transceiver, the new competitively priced ($130) single band Explorer based
on the NE-602 front end design and the higher performance single and dual
band rf amp and static ring mixer receiver designed transceivers - the
Spirit II ($170) and the Classic ($220). I talked to Dick at the
hospitality booth and he has been able to standardize on a number of core
building blocks for all his rigs (receiver board, mixer board and transmit
board) and with that he is able to offer shorter development times for his
new rigs. True to his word Dick had in tow the new OHR 4 Bander (80, 40,
30 and 20 meter) rig based on the Spirit and Classic designs. He added the
RF gain and AGC on/off switch from the Spirit into a Classic like design.
Pricing looks competitive at $320 for the four bands. Dick's reputation for
solid design and construction and excellent manuals makes his kits very
attractive to new and experienced builders alike.

MXM Industries: Bruce Williams was showing off his new $130 Double Superhet
NE602 based QRP transceivers. This one board kit is a follow-up of his
Simple SupeRX/TX made popular a number of years ago from his 73 magazine
articles. Bruce's latest double superhet design has been previewed in
Hambrew magazine and in 73.

KANGA US: Bill Kelsey talked about the nice response by customers to the
new Kanga US World Wide Web Home Page. Bill showed off some of the nice new
R1, R2/T2 and mini R2 high performance single-single direct conversion kits
that he's carrying, along with the rest of the nice line of Kanga UK kits.
Hambrew: George DeGrazio was in attendance with sample copies of his newly
reformatted Hambrew magazine. Hambrew is now being offered at a very
attractive price of $10 a year, which is hard to beat. Editorially, Hambrew
will concentrate on more technical articles with good photographs to
illustrate the Hambrew projects. I heartily endorse the new format.

OTHER QRP VENDORS: Inside the Hamvention hall and at the QRP ARCI
hospitality suite other units were talked about. The Index Labs QRP+, the
Ten Tec Scout(s), The MFJ CW and SSB QRP rigs, and the Ramsey 20 meter
SSB/CW synthesized rig. And for those who missed it - you have got to see
the new QRP ready Icom IC-706 HF, 6 meters and 2 meter detachable head do
everything CW,SSB,AM,FM,FSK (yes FSK) rig - amazing.

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