Re: Help with archived files


From: Jim Eshleman (lujce@hooch.CC.Lehigh.EDU)
Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 10:24:15 EDT

> I would like to read some of the equipment reviews which are in the QRP-L
> archives. If I transfer them with Netscape or WS_FTP, they always arrive
> with the .z extension.
> I have tried using gzip and zcat (dos utilities) to uncompress them. Only
> one file uncompressed succesfully. With the others I get the message "file
> token bad".
> What's the trick here? It shouldn't be this hard! :^)
> Are these reviews archived somewhere else as good old .txt or .zip files?

Several ways to go here:

  FTP to ftp.Lehigh.EDU, files are in pub/listserv/qrp-l

  If you retrieve the files using the filename with the ".Z" appended, make
sure that you're using BINARY mode. Then, you'll need to uncompress them
with a utility that will handle unix compressed files. The
package in pub/listserv/qrp-l/tools should handle unix compressed files on
the PC. There are also other programs available for PC/Mac/etc.

  If you retrieve the files using the filename without the ".Z" appended, the
FTP server will uncompress the file for you before sending. In this case you
should use ASCII mode.

  You can also retrieve the files via e-mail from the list server by sending
a command in the body of an e-mail to listserv@Lehigh.EDU like so:


If you retrieve a binary file, like GZIP124.ZIP from QRP-L/TOOLS, the list
server will send it UUEncoded.

  You can get an index of the files by sending a command like:


Or, index the whole QRP-L tree (warning, large listing!):

        INDEX QRP-L -ALL

The "-ALL" means list files in all subdirectories.


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