homebrew battery


From: John D. Hysell (hysell@kodak.com)
Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 08:44:16 EDT

Try this for homebrew battery (keep it in a well ventilated spot!)

Take an old ice cube tray, and pour each cell about half to 3/4 full of chlorine
bleach. Into each cell, place a rectangular piece of Aluminum and one of copper.
(When I did this the first time (age 12) I used US pennies and canadian nickels
-I literally operated for pennies a day 8-).

I forget the polarity, check with DVM and wire as many cells in series as you need
for your application. As I recall, you get about 1 volt per cell. Keep it away from
clothing, draperies, etc as the chlorine fumes from the reaction will bleach them

As an aside, in the early 1970`s, Monsanto Corp ran a little contest asking for
ideas for reuse of the plastic packaging they use to ship 3" silicon wafers to
semi-conductor etching facilities. My brother & I submitted the idea to build these
batteries into the lower half, seal it with a top sheet of plastic, and put a flashing
lamp circuit in the top half. The unit was to be a roadside emergency beacon for
disabled vehicles. When needed, you simply pucture each cell topsheet cover, and
connect the lamp to the battery.
-We won first prize - a 19" color TV.

73 de KF2XC

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