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From: Randy Pelt (
Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 08:44:22 EDT

>I just received today a package that I ordered on a whim to
>check out the value. In "Nuts and Volts" there was an add
>for a deal on 1/4W resistors from 1 ohm up to 22M, with 50
>resistors of each value plus some extras. The price for this
>deal was $95 for 10,000 resistors (a lifetime supply). I
>had a travelers check for $100, so I sent that in telling
>them to include the extra $5 worth of the popular values as
>used in the NN1G/SWL30/40/80 rig.
>Little did I realize just how big a box 10,600 resistors is.
>I don't think I will ever have to buy another resistor again.

This note from Chuck Adams rang a bell here. I bought a similar size box
(life time supply) of 1/4W resistors from our university auction sale for
$3. For you folks who live near universities, especially those with
engineering schools, be on the look out for auction sales by these schools.
 Va. Tech has a surplus sales auction every three months and you wouldn't
believe some of the electrical equipment, parts, etc., that show up for
peanuts. Did you ever see those techtronic scopes at ham fests for sale
for $90/100?? Most of those scopes and other stuff were probably purchased
from some university for under $10.

Most engineering schools are continuously buying new equipment to keep up
with changing technology. Guess where the old stuff got it, to
surplus. State universities must dispose of excess equipment by surplus
sale...they can't give it away or sale it to friends. It's the law, at
least in Virginia. However, you'd be surprised at some of the back rooms
university departments have where old stuff gets stored. Because of space
problems, this stuff eventually makes its way to the surplus auctions.
You'd be surprised at the antique equipment that will show up.

I guarantee this condition is not unique to my school. If you've got a
university near by, watch for their surplus sales and check it out.

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