RE: Hamstick Caution !


From: rohre (
Date: Wed Aug 23 1995 - 12:30:45 EDT

Jim, be sure the top of the car is very clean where you want the magnet to
stick. You might also try a couple of nylon string guys from the top of it to
attacement points like run under the trunk lip to the hinge post.

If it came off and had a strong blow, or shock; that can partially demagnetize a
magnet. Also, once I hit a tree with an antenna on magnet mount and cracked the
magnet, which lost strength, since it was now three smaller magnets. Use a hair
dryer to heat up the Aluminum foil cover, and peek under there and see if you
have cracked a magnet.

To avoid scratching the top of metal car surface, I wax where I am going to
stick the magnet after cleaning the spot. The road dust often contains metal
particles that if lodged under the magnet lessen the holding power, and you have
to keep cleaning the bottom of the mount, to avoid this.

Good Luck,
Stuart K5KVH

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