tower rats & the grammer (sic) of the obsessed


Date: Sun Aug 20 1995 - 21:20:36 EDT

I remember someone telling me once not to use used tower. I think
I know why now. But it was an interesting weekend, what with visitors
and all. So here's the deal:

I was looking at the waffles lying on my plate when Larry showed up.
Larry is my rock-climbing buddy who is used to hanging upside down and
backwards from 200 ft rock faces. He'd volunteered (after I asked him)
to help me put up the 45 ft of tower that I'd gotten from a ham down
the street. One of those moving out gifts. Like a sentence fragment.

We got 35 ft of tower up before Larry said "You have about 6 inches of
play here. By the time we put the top on it'll be a foot or more. Let's
put on the guys. Or will that mess up the math?"

I figure if a guy who hangs by his toes from the side of a mountain is
concerned about play in a tower, it's time to reconsider the entire
set up. So Larry returned to Earth and we looked at the options. Then
we put up the guys and decided that this was enough for the moment.
Larry repacked his gear and left. I spent the rest of the day hanging
the 40m dipole from the yardarm that Larry had put on near the top. And
I tried to figure out how I was gonna take up the slack in the guys.
They were really lose.

By the time I was done, I had a headache, was dehydrated (temp was
nearly 100-degree heat index) and could have cared less if they'd
come and hauled me off for regrovering. Two ibuprophens, two aceta-
minephens and dinner and I was feeling much better.

The next day I fiddled with wires and got the tools out of the lawn
so the 20-year-old could moe the lawn. Then Dave Holler (N1RGN)
came over with his HOwes 40m radio and we sat in the "Stinking Pit
of Radio Jive" and "Estacion Memorial de Evaristo Carriego" (no
relation) and got his radio running. I'd forgotten how much stuff
was involved in DCrx's, even after my year long experiences....

So now all I gotta do is get some more pipe in the grounds, put some
more stuffs on the wires and figure out how I want the cabling to
lie when I question the next witness. That'll be the easy part. Like
when you can't remember how to spell stationery as in paper or
stationary as in stuck in the ground. Kinda like the difference
between grammar (as prescriptive rules in language use) and grammer
(as the difference between digital perfection and parroty checks...
which I can never get cashed. They always want a pitcher ID.)

What a weekend. I hope Larry comes back. I still wanna put up the
rotator and all that crap. Maybe I can get Dave to send him a letter
on legal stationary. Or I can go to his house and gravel.

"What? You're the king just because some aquatic tart hands you
a sword out of a lake?"

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