Re non-receipt of QRP Quarterly


From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Sun Aug 20 1995 - 13:08:54 EDT

Bruce--everyone else got their Quarterlies a week or two ago; if you
lived anywhere else but in the area where we both live, I would be
extremely concerned, but being in the Washington/Baltimore metro area,
with its well known and well documented mail problems, you might want
to wait another 4 weeks :-) Heck, I recently sent a check to my BBS
for renewal, and it took ten (TEN) days to go from Columbia, MD to
downtown Baltimore; I could have driven from the mailbox to the office
of ABS in under 25 minutes. ("First class mail" has been an oxymoron
for years!)
Anyone having trouble with their QRP Quarterly subscription can write
to Mike Bryce, WB8VGE. He is not on QRP-L but can be reached by e-mail
at, and his postal address is good in any
callbook in the last several years, as well as any recent issue of 73
magazine (he's their QRP columnist). Before you complain about
non-receipt you might want to check the address label on your previous
issue to see if your subscription has expired (not applicable to you,
Bruce, since you still have lots of time left). It DOES happen that
people will complain about not getting them, only to find out they
expired months ago :-)
73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

Mike Czuhajewski, user of the UniBoard System @
The WB3FFV Amateur Radio BBS - Located in Baltimore, Maryland USA
Supporting the Amateur Radio Hobby, and TCP/IP InterNetworking

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