MFJ 9020 blues


Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 23:36:22 EDT

I've had the 15 meter version of this rig for over a year and I
had good luck with it. A great little store-boughten rig that
has made the trip to Japan, Panama, etc. So, I decided to
buy one for 20 meters.

I don't know if I got a lemon or if it just need a bit of

The AGC attacks anything with a great sucking sound. When I
tighten the cabinet screws, the sidetone jumps up about 300 hz.
Even when the antenna load is perfect, the same sidetone
warbles back and forth between two different pitches.

I don't have a well-stocked bench to use for a major alignment,
just a digital VOM, non inductive alignment tools, and an MFJ

I called MFJ (I actually got through!) and the guy who answered
said that they're training a new guy to handle the qrp rigs. He
also said that the qrp rigs that have been returned are piling
He wouldn't dare quote me any turnaround time.

I'm going to take this as a learning opportunity and try making
some of my own adjustments, but I could use some advice.
So, can anyone offer me some advice besides RTFM. The
instructions and descriptions are kind of bare bones and my
technical capabilities stop at soldering and meter reading. I
do know how to use my alignment tools, though.

Is there a step by step protocol for tuning one of these rigs

I know I can do it with a bit of coaching.

Tweaking in Seattle,


P.S. I did make a short contact to YJ8AA in Vanuatu, so it
kinda works.

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