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Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 23:20:02 EDT

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>I, too like CW; but realize it's a 'vanishing art'.

One has only to look around at society to see other examples of things and
skills that fell from favor, only to be resurrected in later generations.

One will never convince someone that hates CW that it is worthwhile or
important. Just like one can never change a person's strongly held political
or religious views.

What one can do, is practice the hobby. Use CW. Smile but refrain from
defense when someone demeans the mode or the user. After all, most people
are threatened by that which they cannot do. CW is no different than other
lesser used modes. ATV comes under the same spectrum pressure. There is a
move to ban ATV from 70 cm. It has prompted ATV groups to organize and elect
people to the state coordination groups. We will never quit, we will never
give up 70 cm television.

CW is the same way. If they encroach, so what. I can compete. Take the
famous TTY station on 10106. Me and my QRP Plus have that one nailed. They
operate 800 shift. I know. I have cranked the bandwidth down to 100 hz. and
checked both carriers. I can operate in the middle at up to 400 hz.
bandwidth. :-) People forget that CW can go where nothing else will work.
 The QRP Plus at 100 hz. bandwidth is incredible.

Now, to get Coherent CW popular and easy to do. Why, we'll be able to work
at power levels sooooo low that they'll never even hear us. Stealth Amateur
Radio. It's not just for apartments anymore.

72 and keep on smilin'

Ed Manuel, N5EM

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