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From: Hank Kohl (
Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 21:55:50 EDT

I'm not sure when this was written, but after reading it a few times, it sums

up the way I feel about CW. About as close to pure religion as it gets.

Suitable for framing, depending on your font and printer!


                         Code Ode
                               Troy Weidenheimer, W0ROF

more than dots and dashes,
It's a place.
A sanctuary for those whove
To love the mysterious magic of
Thoughts arriving in mile-long
On roads of ether and wire.

Even more, it's peace,
A shield from
the disordered sounds
Of traffic, angry people
And industrial clatter,

Within its warm mantle
We find soothing respite.

And the patter of bright
ideas it is,
The sharp focusing of others' thoughts
>From miles beyond our
vision's range,
As in a dream we sit so still.
It floats in our ears and
stirs our minds
With concern, remembrance, speculation
And mirth.

is music,
>From sounders and speakers it dances
In the shack to each
sender's inner clock,
And comes butter smooth, deliciously swinging
choppy staccato from a "fist" praising definition,
Or perfectly metered,
flowing exquisitely
>From the gentle hand of an artst.

A place,
Intelligence and
Code is more than dots and dashes.


This hangs in my
shack. Right next to the DXCC's, WAS's, and all that. It
is the smallest
frame, but the biggest words.

That's my attempt at being serious for this
year....I started out in the SSB
vs. AM wars....Now it looks like it's the
QRP vs. digital war....Hmmmmmm,
now where did I put that stone and

73 Hank K8DD

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