Re: Question for NorCal 40A users


From: Roger Hightower (
Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 18:49:52 EDT

>Greetings gang,
> I was just reading about the NorCal kit on the Qrp web page, while
>waiting for my kit to arrive in the mail. It stated that it covers 40-45khz
>7.0-7.150 and my question is this; where does everyone align theirs to? Do
>you align for the lower portion, say 7.010-7.050, or do you try to center
>around 7.040? I want to set mine up similar to what everyone else has theirs
>Also, what does everyone use for rear panel connectors ( SO-239, BNC, etc)?

Hi Mike. I think most of us center it around 7040.

The rear panel connectors are board mounted, and the antenna connector is
a BNC. I suppose you could hardwire an SO-239 and drill a bigger hole,
but that wouldn't be worth it (IMHO).

It would be nice, though, if the various manufacturers informally agreed
on connectors & jacks.....I'd like to get rid of this rat's nest of
cables for the various rigs with different connector schemes and sizes.

73, de Roger, AA7QY NorCal #1099 NEQRP #383

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