Preserve the QRP list (was Re: Preserve CW)


From: Dana Myers (myers@bigboy73.West.Sun.COM)
Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 16:47:38 EDT

One of the reasons that QRP-L is so pleasant to read is that many of
the folks that discuss the Morse requirements on the newsgroups can
avoid getting into that same discussion here.

Starting a "CW forever" type thread on the list simply invites riff-raff
like me to inject tidbits of reality, and inevitably the thread spirals
into a flame war.

I enjoy QRP operation, be it Morse, phone, or digital. That's why I
subscribe to this list. If some people really must beat their chests
about their favorite modulation methods and the decline of modern
society, please find somewhere else, maybe,
which (I believe) can also accessed as ham-policy via the UCSD listserver.

Take care,

P.S. If you must take exception to this note, then please do the list
the favor of leaving qrp-l out of the replies.

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