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Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 16:05:15 EDT

Sorry, I originally sent this to Nils, but i meant to post to the whole
group (sorry Nils).

When you're 55, I'll be 19. I've gotta lot of hamming left to do, and I'm
not about to give up on what i beleive to still be THE MOST EFFECTIVE MEANS
OF COMMUNICATIONS. If other lazy bums don't wanna learn code etc etc, fine,
give em more of the band. But I'm still gonna be on CW, and I know for a
fact that there are gonna be a lot of people there with me. And all of us on
that ancient mode are gonna be working everyone that the SSB'ers and
PACKETEERS are working, and we'll be doing it with less power, less radio,
less antenna, and MORE SKILL.

No flaming intended :) 73 de AE4KN

By the way, ARRL is on AOL at HQARRL1@AOL.COM
They also have a bunch of addresses at I don't know them off
tell 'em what we think!!

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