Digital Encroachment


Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 13:42:37 EDT

Hey Guys,
   I have been reading the mail for a couple days now following the railing
against the encroachment of digital radio into our end of the CW segments.
This is called preaching to the choir. How come nobody is hollering at the
CRRL and the ARRL? Last time the ARRL published a band plan that left us
out, there was a flurry of protests, and the ARRL did respond with some
suitable soothing language at least. Would someone please post an e-mail
address for the CRRL or whoever ought to get our hollering about this latest
assault? I for one am PISSED. If all they have is snail mail, would
someone please post that address--so I can tell them to digital this. There
are still a lot of us QRPers who are primarily CW ops, and we have good
community communications. A couple hundred letters/emails will get
attention. And I admit, I am a primitive when it comes to being
territorial--aren't we all? (PS, I have digital and fax and SSTV--there's a
time and place for everything--they don't belong on top of the few kHz we
hang out in.)
Preston WJ2V

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