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From: H Smith (
Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 13:33:46 EDT

Ok, Ok. I've read Stuart, Nils, Glen, and others. Enjoyed them. Now it's my

It doesn't take half a brain to realize that CW is an old mode of
communications. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out
that the packett sprocket pocket digi-droid modes are the wave of the
future. I am not stupid enough (but close) to try to convince anybody that
in an emergency, government officials will go running through the crowds
yelling "who knows CW?".

But before there was spricket spracket packett, or SSB or even AM, there
was CW.

CW is indigenous to radio much like the steam locomotive is to
railroading, like the model T is to automobiles, like all those old
restored, historic buildings are to architecture.

The only way that I can justify CW operation is that it is loved and used
by thousands and thousands of HAMS all over the world.

Speaking of numbers, there are over 600 subscribers to this list. There
are over 1000 members of NORCAL. There are thousands of members of QRP

As expressed by Stuart, we must stand up and fight. ACT! DO! MAIL!

I think that we need to express our opinions to ARRL, RAC, RGNBX,
ZXYNZIAP, any organization that has a mail box. And we need to do it now
before it is too late!

That's my opinion.

Smitty, NA5K

Henry Smith (

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