Re: Antennas-Tuners,etc.


From: Greg Taylor (
Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 10:46:50 EDT


>Hi, it's me again, the fountain of questions.
>What type of antennas and tuners are you guys using for qrp?
>I am mainly looking for cheap ones that work,I see dipolewire antenna kits
>for around 40 dollars for 40m, tuners are around 80 or 90.
>Any suggestions?

About 90 odd feet or wire center fed with open wire, 25 feet up....don't
know what the feedline cost me but it would have been considerable less
than $40 and thats about my only cost as I had wire and insulators lying
around and I get 80-10 (guess I could get 160 working it against ground if
I wanted to try).

Tuner is an old TenTec I picked up at a hamfest but think I still have the
parts of couple of homebrew efforts in the junk box.

Have gotten WAC, about 160 countries and probably WAS, and respectable
showings in several contests such as ARRL DX, SS etc with this setup....of
course much of this occured a few years back in the sun spot cycle.

72, Greg, KD4HZ

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