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Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 07:23:34 EDT

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>From: (Adam O'Donnell)
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>Subject: Neophyte Receiver
>Date: Thu, 17 Aug 1995 18:54:56 EDT
>Has anyone built the Neophyte Receiver? Is there any kits that are
>similar to the Neophyte?
>Thanks and 72
>Adam O'Donnell, N3RCS
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Adam and all:
        I have built the Neophyte receiver... and quite a few other DC
receivers. It rates as one of the best circuits that I have tried. The
balanced mixer design on the NE-602 and balanced audio out to a LM-386 1/2
w audio amp chip is really effective in keeping the common bugs out of the
the typical DC receiver. It is very sensitive too, I forget the specs...
        I've used it on 80, 40, 30 and even tried it on some shortwave
bands! (Because of the need to zero beat AM signals, I don't recomend it!
Unless you have a very good VFO to go along with it.)
        It has an internal oscillator circuit that is very stable. But you
can use it with another oscillator. I have one of the Neophyte circuits
in a homebrew 30 meter xcvr that is driven by the rigs VFO and it works
just fine.

        Some minor problems that I have found.

        1. Power supply must be kept around 8 or 9 vdc max... It will not
work with 12 vdc, as I found out after scratching my head a few times! Ham
radio types are allowed to do that..! 8') I think I remember it
functioning down to 5 vdc. Just throw a LM7808 voltage regulator on it and
away you go!

        2. Audio out is not exactly ear-shattering. It just doesn't seem
to drive the LM386 enough. Yep, I have pins 1 and 8 bypassed with a 10 uf
cap fer Vgain of 200. It could use a pre-amp between the NE-602 and the
LM386. It would have to be a balanced amp tho, haven't tried this yet.
        I use a pair of old Bell and Howell (Belch and Growl) headphones
that seem to be louder than some others I have, may be better matched to
the LM386.

        I recommend it! 72 de

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