QRP+,Metal Detectors - Tnx


From: Alvin L. Hand (ae865@rgfn.epcc.Edu)
Date: Thu Aug 17 1995 - 23:20:07 EDT

Thanks to all (I was suprised how many) who answered my request
for information on getting the QRP+ thru the airport metal
detectors, etc. Based on a majority of the responses, most from
people who had carried their QRP+ by airplane on various trips,
we decided that my relative who was coming to visit should
simply bring it in the carry-on baggage. Even with the
increased security, the explanation that it was a ham radio
sufficed (they did scan it, though), and that was that. When
it arrived (my relative also) and we got back to the house,
I immediately hooked it up and tried out the receive - works
fine. Will try the transmit next. Again, tnx to all who
responded. 72 73 AL AB5TZ ae865@rgfn.epcc.edu

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