QRP users should stand ground (long)


From: rohre (rohre@arlut.utexas.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 17 1995 - 20:43:41 EDT

I think we should widely publicize our activity, and where we have been
operating, and stand our ground to the digital users.

Simple packet for HF is not compatible with the fading characteristics of short
wave propagation, and perhaps if more is done to encourage the modes like Amtor
that will work, or co-ordination as Jay mentioned, excess digital spill over
into the CW sub bands can be avoided. Maybe we should attend packet forums to
alert them to our existence and needs.

I know the local packet gurus don't seem to take part in the organizations that
co-ordinate VHF activity, and that is too bad, because then they would realize
there are other equal users out there. Maybe there should be a movement toward
some informal "coordination" on the HF bands--something stronger than what ARRL
or others have done by gentlepersons' agreements to date. Maybe there should be
a regulation that requires packet HF stations to ID in CW, before using packet
transmission, that *might* force them to turn on the receiver speaker, and
listen to the channel before transmitting packet. (Flame suit on) .

What it all comes down to, and here I am preaching to the choir, is the training
of "Good" operators, and that is where the exam process needs to put more
and for one to succeed in QRP, you have somehow learned, or discovered, what it
takes for skilled operation with less strong signals, QRM, etc. Those that
don't try QRP perhaps do not have the skills, or don't get the right kind of
elmer to instill the skills. I think we need to convince all other modes of
operators to to be the best in the other modes like DX or even packet, they have
to learn to do QRP! It truly will hone their operating, as all of you know.

Sorry for the bandwidth, back to technical goodies, can anyone tell me what the
QRPp antenna article in Mar. on "C-R Antennas" was about? I don't have that
issue. Thanks in advance,
72, Stuart K5KVH

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