Re: 40 m. band mode suggestions - LOOK OUT!


Date: Thu Aug 17 1995 - 16:46:58 EDT

An opinion....

I think digital operations should stay above 7060 or 7070.... and I operate
"digital". There are enough CW operators in North America to justify it.

I enjoy packet, pactor, gtor, amtor as much as I like CW and CW-QRP but I
don't want the (perceived*) population pressures on the digital sub-bands to
encroach on the CW sub-bands.

*Some* digital operators will just have to clean up their act- practice
coordination for the different modes (AMTOR/GTOR/Clover/PacTOR/RTTY/Packet)
as well as coordinate the different digital services (forwarding, gateways,
mailboxes, BBSes and live QSOs)

*(Footnote) Perhaps the "population pressures" of the digital bands would be
nonexistant if better frequency and mode coordination were practised?


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