Re: Broad band noise on 30 meters


From: David Feldman (
Date: Thu Aug 17 1995 - 11:57:50 EDT

>Another point of interest, when I had detected cable leakage,
>on the low end of 2 meters (SSB), and had walked up to a
>cable company junction box. They were quick to fix that type
>of problem.
>I am impressed.

Just FYI, if you find a cable tv
leakage problem, call the cable company IMMEDIATELY. They shouldn't
hassle you. Cable TV leaks are really bad news for a lot of reasons,
and the cable company will invariably work hard to fix the leak.
The FCC establishes leakage standards and there are companies that
get PAID BY CABLE TV companies to survey for leakage. If you call
the cable company and they don't give you a sensible answer, just
ask for the engineer or technician in charge. Many of them are
hams, to boot.

73 Dave WB0GAZ

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