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From: Bob Levine (
Date: Thu Aug 17 1995 - 09:40:53 EDT

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Ola Amigos & Amigas,

  I was chatting with Bob Levine, of Radio Devices. Bob had informed me
that there was some problem with the paint job, on the chassis of the
OHR 4 band kits. I did not receive a ship date, but Bob had informed me
that they would ship, once this paint issue is resolved. This
conversation, via email, had taken place last week. I have the dual
band (20/40) Xcvr from OHR, other than some minor mods, to cure the AGC
thumping (strong signals), it works fine, a bit on the large
(physical) side for backpacking, but for camping, OK.

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I have been away from email for a few days, so sorry if the resolution
of this issue is already known....

The OHR-400 (4 bander) is available and all orders from Radio Devices
were shipped out Monday and Tuesday (8/14,8/15). The new paint process
didnt meet Oak Hills expectations on the outside surfaces of the enclosures
so they had to be re-done, hence the delay.

The kits are $309.95 including Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in
the continental US. Radio Devices also offers $10 discount on this kit
for prepaid cash/ck/MO orders. If you want to receive the data sheet for
this kit (or any/all of the Oak Hills kits, please reply by email NOT TO
THIS ACCOUNT, but to please.


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