Re: S & S Engineering QRP Rigs


From: Bob Nygren (
Date: Thu Aug 17 1995 - 07:59:53 EDT

Hi John,
     I've been running the TAC-1 (80 meters) for two months or so.
As my first QRP kit, (other than the OHR wattmeter), construction
went well. I was impressed with the quality of the manual and parts.
     The only negative comment is that somewhere between the prototype
review, (QRP Quarterly April), and production, the integrated keyer
was dropped. I don't plan on backpacking with the rig, so using one of
my keyers is not a major problem. But on occasion it is inconvient to
carry the extra box.
     Yes, I would still buy it again today even without the keyer.
     I hope to see you on 80 when the seasons change. (Its lonely
and noisy this time of year!)

     73, Bob WA3YON

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