Re: Regenerative Rx


From: Bruce Robertson (
Date: Tue Aug 08 1995 - 23:03:58 EDT

Regens are a neat topic. I for one would love to have a new design around
that uses up-to-date components.
 A while back my brother-in-law tried to make the
one that is in W1AW's QRP Notebook. It was his first project and didn't
work. I de-bugged a couple of things, but never got it working. It sorta
frustrates me because this was his first homebrew project, and I was sad
to see it not work. My question thus is, has anyone built this receiver
The same brother-in-law is a tube and early radio nut, he's graduating
around xmas, and I'm toying with the idea of building an old-style tube
regen for him as a gift from me and my wife (his sister). I found a
1992 (?) QST article that describes such a project, but I've never built
tube equipment. (Am I showing the shortness of my beard?)
 It seemed that the author used a sort of point-to-point
wiring method using the tube holders' tabs and such. If anyone has some
pointers on tube project construction for silicon heads, I'd appreciate
it. (Besides the obvious fact that B+ can kill you while 12v rarely can.)
Please, *don't* re-post this to boat-anchors despite the fact that it
belongs there more than it does here. My brother-in-law reads b-a

72, VE3UWL
Bruce G. Robertson Dept. of Classics, U. of T.

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