From: Hank Kohl (af514@detroit.freenet.org)
Date: Tue Aug 08 1995 - 22:59:28 EDT

If we are running DOS or Windows and PKZIP or WINZIP Chucks
"dit dit" would be DIT.ZIP
If we are running Unix or Linux, and tar Chucks "dit dit" it
should be DIT.TAR But if we gzip it, it would be DIT.TGZ
However, if Chuck were to slip and send "didit" would it be-
What if the QRN takes out one of the dits? Would that make
it ___.ZIP/TAR/TGZ?
Now if we use cpio -ovBc chuck > /dev/rmt/c0d0v and one of
the dits was lost, how much of the 150MB tape would be used?
Or is it as dark at night as it is in the country?
Is the TRUE definition of shareware the only real way (aside
from heat and/or humidity) to devalue, or render inoperational,
a perfectly good floppy disk?
73 Hank K8DD

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/*     call      k8dd     hank    port huron, mi

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