Re: Regenerative Rx


Date: Tue Aug 08 1995 - 17:50:34 EDT


>Wondering if anyone has built the simple regenerative receiver from
>Orr's column in the December 1994 issue of CQ Amateur Radio?

I built this circuit and it seemed to work pretty good. It
certainly isn't as good as a superhet or a DC rcvr but for the
amount of parts involved it does pretty good picking up BC stations.
 I built mine on a Radio Shack coppper protoboard but probably
should have built it "ugly" style. It might have eliminated some of
the squeeeels :-)

You will need to keep the shaft of the tuning cap at ground and also
put a plastic knob on it to keep down the "hand" effects. Also the
circuit really hates soft batteries so make sure they're fresh.

>I'm trying to get a copy of the article upon which this design is
>It is from an unknown issue of Engineering Design News. The author
>Charles Kitchin, not sure if he is a ham but doubt it.

I dug it up when I built and probably still have it on file. Bill's
reprint was identical to the original EDN version. Also the article
didn't offer much more insight.


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