Dayton '96


From: Paulette Quick, N9OUH (
Date: Tue Aug 08 1995 - 11:41:52 EDT

Recently when I set out to remove 30 MB of e-mail from the hard drive I
thought to first look over the latest qrp-l mail. Sure 'nuff, there's the
message from Bob Gobrick announcing my nomination for organizer of the
Dayton QRP Day.

Now Bob, I am highly complemented by your offer, and it does just happen
that I AM putting together a small conference at UW-Madison as we speak,
but give me time to think about taking on Dayton.

Presently I am in the midst of an unasked for change. My graduating
roommmate is leaving town for a job. I've been searching over two months
for a new roommie with no luck. Friday evening the landlord said that
unless I found someone by Aug 10 to share the rent with, he would rent the
place to the two women he brought over to tour the place. (This was the
first time I was made aware of a deadline and I had offered to take over
the whole rent until I found someone.)

To keep the story short: by the next day, Saturday, I had found a new place
to live. It's far away from campus, compared to my present 10 minute walk.
 It's with a CPA woman who is out of town a lot, so I'd have her nice house
to myself at least half of the time.

I brought up the subject of radio, and she was willing at least, to talk.
She may of been thinking of the house a couple blocks away that I swear has
on its roof every currently used commercial antenna. I think it's the most
beautiful thing I've ever seen, but non-hams may disagree.

When I bring over the 40-80 mtr trapped dipole, I hope she'll see that such
a subtle addition would enhance her property.

I move Sunday (NOTHING is packed yet). Between then and Sept. 1 I'll stay
with a friend while my stuff sits in the basement of the new place.

So you see, I suddenly have lots to think about besides radio (but not more
important than radio).

I'll get back to the thought of Dayton '96 when life settles down.

72 de N9OUH/portable
Paulette Quick

p.s. Oh yeah, Sunday night when I told the landlord I found another place
to live he sounded disappointed. I asked him about the two women and he
said that while they both said they liked the place he hadn't heard from
them since.

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