Special Events Stn. K5QQ


From: Jay Miller (wa5whn@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Tue Aug 08 1995 - 09:03:48 EDT

Hi all-Y'all (Translating Chuck's, K5FO, greetings into Texan)

  It was a pleasure to have NA5N & N1IRZ in Albuquerque with us over
the weekend (Aug. 5 & 6), operating @ the Special Events Station at the
National Atomic Museum, Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque. We must have talked
to 4 or 5 QRP+ Index Labs Xcvrs, and the audio from them, did sound
good. That detail had surprised us. We had made it a point to work weak
signals, and did talk to quite a few QRP stations & numerous mobile
stations. We were not QRP, Icom IC-735 into a 3 element beam, up 50
feet. For those of You who do not know, NA5N operates almost
exclusively cw, and is an ex-USN Submarine Vet. Well, Mr. Harden had
talked to numerous ex-B-29 crew members (20 meters SSB), and they had
kept inquiring about the tail number of the B-29 parked out in front of
the Museum. Paul could not stand it anymore, and had stepped outside
for a cancer stick, and obtained the serial number. So now we have an
Ex-Submarine type, who is now fluent in the ways of the B-29. Right
Paul ?
  Paul, NA5N, had his entire QRP station on display, just like in the
Aug. '95 issue of "CQ", page 69, at the Museum. Numerous People had
stopped by to look at it, and ask questions. We even had a School
Teacher, from Texas, wanting to know more about building radios, and
had asked if Students could do this. People, we are missing a grand
opportunity here. Paul's complete station had impressed a School
Teacher who was looking for a construction project for her students.
How many more teachers are looking for construction projects for their
students ?
  We had worked 25 QRP stations (those who had told us). Thanks Guys.
Total was over 600 (QRO + QRP) contacts in 2 days, with 32 eyeball
QSOs. So now, if You have any questions about B-29's, direct them to
NA5N. The certificates will go out after Aug. 26th.
  This particular IC-735 was also at the NA5N Special Events Station,
July 16, 1995 @ The Trinity Site. It sort of glows in the dark, easy to
see @ night, and kind of powers itself now ;^)

                            72 & 73...Jay, WA5WHN CQC #30

                            Albuquerque, NM

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