From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Tue Aug 08 1995 - 00:53:27 EDT


Monday night was pretty good on 30M.

Around 0200Z, FS5PL started a swarm around 10.102 or so.
Then I went up to 10.113 and started one of my own. :-)

Worked some of the group and I thank you very much.

Highlight was working DF5JT/HK0 at 35wpm at 0.95W. He was
burning 'em up right and left around 10.101, so it pays to tune
the low end of the band. In fact, I have noticed that
more operators on 30M challenge the edge of the band
more than an other band. :-) Must be all that calibration
being so close to WWV and WWVH. ;-) I have the freq counter
sitting on the desk with calibrator just to make sure.
Scares me to death being that close.

I worked a bunch of /QRP calls. Closed the band around
0500Z. I still have Denver CO and the MD/VA area nailed
down with my antenna system. May have to go out and figure
a way to rotate the trees to get the other states that I
need. :-)

I think I worked 3 members of the Colorado QRP Club last
night. A very active group on the air and well represented.

Look for yours truly on the band all this week. HINT.

>From after work until the band closes.

Be there and be square. 5W or less for QRP. Less than
1W for QRPp. :-)

dit dit

Chuck Adams  K5FO  CP-60  adams@sgi.com

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