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From: Bill Jones (
Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 23:48:35 EDT

A sincere *thank you* to the many who responded to my cry for help on how to
get a line over a tree branch with a slingshot and fishing reel. My intent
was to address an answer to each of you privately. However, I believe what
I learned should be shared with the group.

The general consenus is this: Use six to ten pound fishing line with a one
or two ounce sinker. Don't stand directly underneath the limb you're
shooting for. Rather, step back and shoot at a lower angle. Once the small
line is over the branch, connect it to the end of a slightly heavier line
(nylon plumb line @ 175 pound test) and pull it over. Finally, use the new
line to get whatever else you want over the limb such as quarter-inch poly
etc. Several of you stressed safety. ALWAYS wear safety glasses as it is
not unusual for the sinker to get caught up in the slingshot/reel mechanism
and come loose. Also, wear a heavy leather glove on your shooting hand to
avoid smacking your fingers with the lead weight. I know this from first
hand (pun) experience. Watch where you're shooting....if the weight comes
off the line it can do a lot of damage.

For those who want to build their own antenna launcher, look at the June,
1991, issue of QST (pp 34-35) for *The EZY Launcher* by Wade Calvert,
WA9EZY. It is what I am using, and thanks to many of you, I will now be
able to get my antennas up a hundred feet instead of only forty or fifty feet.

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