VFO Stability


From: John Seboldt (rohrwerk@netcom.com)
Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 23:21:47 EDT

Clark Fishman <cfishman@fsac3.pica.army.mil> recommended -7 core material
to help stability in VFOs. I have heard of this, but the last Amidon
flyer I got with an order (about 3 months ago) had nothing to say about
them, though it was listed on the enclosed price list. Something to try.

Meanwhile, the basic consensus is that ANY core material is a
compromise for VFO use. An air core coil is by far the most stable
inductor to use. The traditional ceramic form is most recommended, with
glass tubing and acrylic rod also getting some nods. Toroids have become
popular for compactness, of course, but unless that -7 material is really
good, air core is still the ultimate if you make room for it.

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