Re: Camp Lamps and the like


Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 22:13:39 EDT

Hi Nils,

Sometimes buying power from someone who mass produces it, is much cheaper
than producing it yourself. Plus, if the power goes out in the middle of the
night, you can call the power company and bitch at them, instead of getting
out of bed and fixing it yourself at 3 in the morning and then going into
work at 7 am. Plus, the power companies have lots of reserve power, for when
you fire up your arc welder. couldnt do that in a solar home.

Most of the "solar" homes are compromises, people choose to hang their
clothes on a line instead of using a dryer or ironing their shirts. they use
fire places to heat their homes instead of turning on an electric heater,
they open the curtains in the daytime to let sun in and close them at night
to keep the heat in. Do you want to make such compromises, do you have the

I dont ! I like spending, what little free time i have, playing radio.

Solar is fun to play with, but i wouldnt want to pay for a full blown system
or maintain it in Michigan. Brushing the snow off, every day, in winter,
re-aiming the panels every three months to take advantage of the suns
changing position. Troubleshooting and replacing panels, batteries, etc. when
they fail.

I like running the central air all day long when i'm hot. and not worrying
about draining the batteries. guess i'm just a QRO kind of guy, who likes QRP

72, Byron WA8LCZ Detroit

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