QRP+ Mobile w/Hamstick


From: Timothy J. Pettibone (tpettibo@NMSU.Edu)
Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 15:59:40 EDT

Well, left Las Cruces with makeshift setup in my Caravan. Used mag mount
from Lakeview. Spent 1 hr 20 minutes tuning up 75m, 40m, 30m, and 20m
Hamsticks the day before. Cut the 30m too short, left it in garage.

Checked into NM Breakfast Club on 75m (kind of). SSB aint as good on the
QRP+ but a little bitty whip doesnt' help. Put the YF on the steering
as soon as we left Socorro (and enjoyed a visit with Paul Harden).
Got on 20m, called CQ and got a call from Spokane WA. Then IL, then VA, then
TX. Had my normal Sunday schedule with K6IC (not a QRPer but a good guy
anyway) on 20m from Coronado State Park outside of Bernillio NM and on
the road for another 10 minutes.

Went to Ridgway State Park in Colorado where my son and his family were
camping. We stayed in motel! Had sched with K6IC everyday with
spectacular sigs both ways.

Even though my windshield wipers went off with every key down (except
when the Bencher was on my bare thigh) anytime the ignition was on, had a
great time. Didn't do any grounding and used cigar lighter power cable.
Should be really good if I ever get around to installing everything the
right way. This was my first attempt at HF mobiling. Think I may want
to get serious about it. The QRP+, by the way, worked very well. A
little ignition noise but not bad. Still need to learn to drive and use
the Bencher paddle balanced on my knee!


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