RE: IOTA info needed


Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 15:55:41 EDT


Gotta chime in again (and thanks to Jim Nestor). I, too will be in Maine this
week. Although I will be in Bar Harbor, Me on Aug 10, 11 and 12, the operating
schedule is not firm. My wife has some ideas about playing tourist and
relaxing, while I wanna get on my ham rig!

I will have my 30-40 and NC-40A along so I will be on at least 30 meters, and
possibly 40 as well. Most likey I'll be on evenings when I can erect an
antenna on the balcony of my motel room - it overlooks the Harbor so goodness
knows what direction will be favored. Look for N2CX on NA-55!

BTW, I may also be able to get on from Cadillac Mountain, elev 1530 feet using
a fixed mobile installation. This would be daytime stuff if I can convince the
XYL :-). After all, it's my vacation too! (Sorry honey).

If the pileups are big enough, I'll write it up for one of the QRP


Joe E., N2CX

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