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From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 14:57:25 EDT


While down in Austin TX last Saturday for the big doings, I happened
to pick up the July issue of the above CD. I wanted to see if my
database for the US wound up on it.

I just loaded onto my system here at work (during lunch) to check it
out and load the FCC stuff to tape for the system at home. I sometimes
look up a station when I here them call CQ just to see what "real" zone
they are located in. :-) Especially on 30M where I seemed to be wired
into the great state of VA. Kinda like my direct line to YN1CC on 40M.

Anyway I browsing through all the directories and POW! A qrp directory
catches my eye.

I find the following subdirectories:

chuck 55: ls qrp
00_index.txt artwork/ direct.txt qq_index.txt reviews/
archives/ clubs.txt files.bbs qrp_ne.txt was.ps
arcitst/ descript.ion ox_osc.ps qrpproj.txt wildcat.txt

The archives are the 93-94 files from previous sites.

The arcitst is the my WAS, my DUP sheet, and ARCI log sheets for contests.

The artwork directory has the bark.gif, goodies.gif, and wb8ygg.gif.
There are subdirectories for the NN1G Mark I and Mark II schematics and
parts lists that I put in the ftp site.

The ox_osc.ps is my PostScript file for the International Crystal Co.
OX Oscillator.

There is under the reviews directory the following files and I have not
looked at them yet, but some are mine and some are yours.

chuck 72: ls reviews
00_index.txt files.bbs ne_30_40.txt qrp_plus.txt tentecsc.txt
accys.txt grc109.txt nn1g.kit r1.kit wildcat.txt
antennas.txt heath.kit norcal40.kit radiokit.kit
ark40.kit mfj.kit oakhills.txt spider.kit
descript.ion mxm.kit pubs.txt tejas.kit

My point of this post: Everything that we say and do here is going to be
permanent somewhere. We knew that, but we didn't know how permanent.
We went through a discussion on copyright and stuff over a year ago and
permission to reproduce etc. Remember boys and girls, it ain't free
but on the information highway if it is at a ftp site it will be copied
and it will be distributed.

This posting in no way to be taken as pointing a finger or complaining,
but we need to include in each file it's history or pointer to who did
the work before others start taking credit. Been there and had that
done to me. Mike C. and others have done as much work also that they
have shared with us. Maybe we need a committee to come up with a notice
and put it in each subdirectory of the ftp site.

As founder of the group let me start out with Doug Hendricks, Jim Eshleman
(maintainer of the current qrp-l mailer), myself, Mike C. WA8MCQ, Steve
Hideg (www guru), and two lawyers Doug Preston and Clark Savage to see
about some organizational pins to put in place to cover the group.
Others welcome and especially editors and publishers on the group.
We'll take this offline and get back to the group for input and finalization.

I knew that with the information highway explosion, email, ftp sites and
the quest and hording of information in general, that problems were bound
to come up or at least irritations. Everyone wants free information.
Ain't no such thing. We share and hopefully everyone benefits and puts
something back into the "body of knowledge" that is growing by our sharing.

We just need to make sure that we have some control over how freely we
get distributed. In fact, if we are being "redistributed" via any other
electronic means, bbs, packet, etc. Those individuals need to notify
this group and Lehigh.edu notifying them of same. It seems like common
sense and courtesy should prevail here.

Off soap box and flame suit on.

dit dit

Chuck Adams  K5FO  CP-60  adams@sgi.com

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