Camp Lamps and the like


Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 14:16:30 EDT

Back when Cindy worked as a pr person for the local power hegemony,
she was involved in a piece of pr that got about as close as anything
(and notice that's THING, as opposed to ONE, as in person) to cancelling
our marriage. Part of the set up was something that the company called
"Way To Go." We walked around for nearly three years saying "Dial
1-800 Way To GO" every time we saw somebody doing some sort of energy
efficient electrical rehab. Like when at work they replaced all the
incandescent exit lamps with these squares of plastic filled with LEDs.
Serious energy savings, so it seems.
So maybe Mike White (N9UXC) is right. Maybe there is a way around this
camp lamp scenario. But what's beyond that is this idea:
I set a solar-warmed heat collector on the roof of the shack and let
the ethylene-glycol (or whatever I choose as heat exchanger juice) kinda
percolate through the system... expanded stuff shoving the cold and
contracted stuff out of the way and into the solar collector. That way
I wouldn't have to bring the radios in from the cold when winter comes.
So I thought about that for a while. Then I got the idea that a small
solar battery (or whatever the politically-correct term of the day is
for those things that make motors turn in the Radio Shack window) to
run a motor to push the slop around. And then I thought about having a
valve system that would let me take the heat out of the shack in the
summer and deposit it in a hole outside the shack, a hole which would need
be only about 5 ft down, since the water table and chair are at about
that depth anyway. And then I thought about getting solar cells to
charge some batts and then I could run the shack without dimming the
lights when I turn on the TR7 and the LINEAR (oh, knock it off! You
know I have one.) And then I thought about how much this would cost me,
even if I had the time and patience to do it myself.
Then I took a nap. I woke up having forgotten the whole idea and felt
much better for it. Still, it was an interesting revery, eh?
Dial 1-800 Way To Go. Lucky the Electrical Savings Dog will be waiting
for your call....

(So seriously, what'd you think of the idea? Plausible? Possible?
Feasible? Do-able? Doo-doo-able? Fleas-able? Applaudible? Edible?
Incredible? Unscheduleable? Regretable? Blargh?)

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