Re: Camp Lamps


From: Jim Ehrmin (tenspeed@tc.fluke.COM)
Date: Thu Aug 03 1995 - 18:22:23 EDT

> In a short discussion about portable operating the subject of portable, "qrp"
> lighting for that night-time operating session or contest.
> What interesting, innovative ideas are out there? Obviously, one can use a
> flashlight but then it has to be pointed. Some form of lamp that draws
> minimal current (really annoying to have an NC40A that draws 17 ma. and a
> flashlight that draws 200 ma.), is small and easily packed, yet provides
> enough light to operate and log by.
> I have used backpacking candle lanterns and that may very well be the best
> idea. But, they are messy and require attention.
> Let those creative juices flow.
> 72
> Ed Manuel, N5EM

I use an "astronomy" red led light for logging, etc. You can buy them ready
made or you can get a "super bright" led from rat shack or somewhere and make
your own light. Take a regular flange or whatever type flashlight bulb, crush
the globe and dig out the inside with a small screwdriver. Unsolder the bottom.
You will have an empty shell with the ceramic bottom intact which has the solder
ring in it. Take the led and put a 50 to 100 ohm resister in series with the
led. Forgot which side is the cathode but you can figure that out. Anyway,
solder the resister in series. One leg goes through the bottom of the lamp and
the other leg goes to the split on the side (ground). You can "pot" the bulb
with silicon if you like.

Astronomers use red light for readings star charts, etc. as the red light
least interferes with their adapted night vision. It takes about a half an
hour for your eyes to adapt.

Jim Ehrmin KB7SOK

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