First Call: Lineup of Foxes for 40M


From: chuck adams (
Date: Thu Aug 03 1995 - 17:12:49 EDT


I know, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago we were
all fighting the cold of winter, ice storms, bone chilling
winds that whipped across the baren land, broken antenna
wires, the flickering fire in the fireplace, but here we are
again preparing for round two of the 40M annual winter foxhunt.

For those of you new to the list and haven't read through all
the archives for the past year or more here is a brief
snapshot of what is up.

Starting the first week in October, which starts Oct 1 of this
year, and for approximately 22 weeks thereafter we get one of
the individuals on this list to get on the air for two hours
at a predetermined date and time. This on 40M CW and during the
middle of the week. This gets us on the air when there are no
contests, sprints, or world wide pileups fighting for points.
We generate our own microcosm of these larger contests. I
think that all those that participated enjoyed it very much
and the weekly flurry of posts the day after (which I know
wasn't enjoyed by everyone) really showed interest with all
kinds of tails of success and failures.

The "fox" posts the list of contacts within a few days afterwards
and K5FO posts a weekly update on the "scores". The fox gets one
point per contact and the "hunters" get one point also. Each fox
gets two shots during the 22 weeks to get on and make contacts.

At the end of the exercise the winner in the fox group and the
winner in the hunter group is awarded a kit from K5FO, sponsor
of the exercise. Details to be posted in September. In fact,
I went back through the archives and I can not for the life of
me find the first posting of the rules and stuff for 1994. Did
something fall in the crack here gang? Just give me date, I can
do the rest.

Last year there were four winners thus $200 spent by K5FO for
the NN1G kits sent to each of the four winners, but this year due
to the increased expense of the two kits, there will be only two
winners. This year's prizes will be the new NN1G kit. These will
be a little more. So gotta do something to prevent ties, but that
we'll work on later.

OK, just an overview. I'm looking for 11 foxes and you need to
send ME (don't post to the list) the following info: (I don't
need the info in any particular format, just the meat)

QTH: (city and state only)
Class of License:
Code Speed: (min 18 wpm, 'cuz you'll need to work 'em fast
             and furious)
Antenna: (this is very important, we want the best)
Receiver: (we need sensitivity)
Comments on Qualifications: (why do you want the abuse?)

After this first phase, I and the foxii will work out a schedule and
then I'll post the rules.

One of the things that we learned from last years event was that
sometimes the E coast and the W coast times and propagation doesn't
work out, so we might work a split, i.e. two stations or three spread
out over a longer time period. You might send me (not the list) your
thoughts on this. I'm in the information mode right now.

Any way to get DX involved? I know that they tried and some succeeded,
but with QRP openings from North America to the rest of the world this
just isn't always possible.

Was the time spent in the Novice portion of the band fruitful? With
some kits, the hunters may miss an opportunity due to change in
propagation by the time the fox moves to 7.040MHz from 7.110-7.120MHz.

Oh, I prefer not to start another mail group for just the fox postings.
I know this is a sore point with some, but then you'll want a SSB,
then a digital, then a backpacking, then an antenna, then kits, ....
Let's remain a close family here gang. The only person in control here
is Jim E. as it is his system that provides the service. And please
don't go beating on him. He is doing a great job with no pay.

OK, let the email begin. Beam Me up Scottie.

dit dit

Chuck Adams  K5FO  CP-60

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