Pixie pre-flight commnts


From: Chris Gearhart (73370.1677@compuserve.com)
Date: Thu Aug 03 1995 - 15:00:41 EDT

Well, Pixie number one went together last night (the 80m version). From a
construction standpoint, it went together very easily. The only strange
thing about the pcb is that it didn't have a hole for the negative battery
connector...I just drilled an extra hole and ran a lead from the audio grnd
to the new hole, which seemed to do the trick.
I haven't tried making a contact yet but it _seems_ to be working OK. If my
Vectronics 30/300 watt tuner is accurate at pwr levels below a watt, then it
looks like its putting out about half a watt. The Colpitts oscillator puts out
a decent signal all by itself...I get an S4 tone on my YEASU 747 when the pixie
is just sitting idle! Another thing I found odd is that the crystal H & C sent
me was _supposed_ to be 3.580....however the pixie seems to be operating on
3.5464, so they either sent me a different crystal or I screwed something up!
Just for jollies I plugged the pixie into my Radio Shack amplified antenna.
I found that I could actually "tune in" broadcast stations using the tuner
on the amplifier. "Radio Free America" on WWCR was coming in clear as a
bell. Neat!
Well, tonight and tommorrow evening I'll try to make a few contacts with it,
so if your in the neighborhood of 3.546, keep an ear open for me....
Chris, N1HWQ

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