From: michael (w.m.) babineau (
Date: Thu Aug 03 1995 - 08:37:00 EDT

In message "Wherezat?", Joe writes:

> After a few calls, I managed to work XJ1CWI.
> I KNOW that he is just and ordinary Canadian :-), but his exchange to me was
> 599 NA154. I think the latter is an IOTA identification. Can you tell me whcih
> flyspeck he's on? And is he a VE1 (kinda common) or a VO1 (more rarified)?
> Joe E., N2CX

Ah yes, I heard these guys on 17m phone on Monday morning. They are/were
located on Pictou Island, just off of the coast of Nova Scotia.
Its actually between Nova Scotia and PEI jnear the town/city of Pictou N.S.

The XJ prefix is a special prefix to commemorate the 50th anniversary of
the end of WW II. There is also another prefix which may be used which
is X? (it escapes me at the moment) ... details are in August QST ... these
prefixes are available to all Canadian amateurs from July till sometime in Sept.


P.S. Does anyone know the IOTA designation for Grand Manan Island, New
     Brunswick (near Campebello) .... will be there for a few days in
     Sept. and hope to be on the air on 30 & 17 m.

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