Another Multiband QRP kit is available


From: Bill Kelsey - N8ET - Kanga US (
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 23:12:40 EDT

I can't stand it any longer ...... After watching the discussion on
multiband qrp rigs that has been going on I have to get in my 2 cents
- and I do have a finacial interest in this, so there is NOT the
usual disclaimer with this message - HI!

I handle the Hnads Kits from Wales - they have a series of kits
modules that will make up a nice 6 band ssb/cw xcvr that will run up
to around 15 watts - adjustable to much less than that for the
hard-core QRPer - and will run a milliwatt without the final amp

The full info is on my Web page -

I am leaving for a week plus of vacation, so will not be able to
generate an ASCII file to email to those of you who can not acess the
web until the week of Aug 14. I can snail mail catalogs to anyone who
gets me their address...

This fall Hands will have a 10 band rig available, which will have
the option of a DDS vfo and microprocessor controller, complete with
keyer built in the s/w in the microprocessor. I am told by the
developers of the rig that there will be a four part article in QST
this fall on the complete rig. I have seen draft copies of the first
two parts.

Hope I can interest a couple of you in the Hands Kits - I will try to
respond to queries I get this week before I head out on vacation -
otherwise I'll get the responses out after I get back.
73 - Bill Kelsey - N8ET
Kanga US

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