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From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 21:31:24 EDT

QRP-l Gang,

I just can't keep this in anymore.. after finally getting around to reading
my latest issue of the Colorado QRP Club "Low Down" newsletter (reported by
Chuck here two weeks ago) I would like to openly congratulate Rich High
W0HEP and the CO gang for a great newsletter.

A sampling:

Rich was able to capture famous qrp-ler Paul Harden NA5N and have him write
a series of four articles on the circuit analysis of the the
K1BQT/NN1G/N6KR/W6EMT NE-602 transceivers. Even if you're not an rf
hot-shot like Mr Paul it makes for some very interesting reading on what it
takes for those quoted qrp champs to build a rig. In the first edition Paul
goes into what it takes to design the NE-602 front end, next issue the IF
amp/audio amp, 3rdish (Nils type word) xmtr mixer and 4thish t/r, agc,rit.
This is going to be an exciting series - enough to want you to join the CO
QRP club to get this great newsletter. Just so this doesn't cut into
circulation maybe after all four articles are published we can get Paul and
Rich to archive this series in the qrp-l WWW archives. GREAT JOB guys.

Bunch of other great articles from the gang, local news, building the Norcal
40, cw operation, rtty with a KAM and Argo 509, article on qrp
dxpeditioning, and for you HAMSTICK guys a super article on how to modify
the Hustler mobile antenna for "killer" qrp cw operation - you'll have to
get the mag to read all about it.

I also noticed the the CO QRP club are getting some famous local hams to
join - Walt Stinson W0CP is a famous DXer and ARRL section director, and
also Gary Breed K9AY (one of the first qrp designers with his A&A kit) has
joined and from what I hear gave a talk at the last meeting. Now all Rich
has to do is to break Gary away from his editorial work at RF Design
magazine to write some more QRP articles.

Also the word on the street is that the Colorado QRP Club, with help from
Paul NA5N are working on a top secret (goes along with Paul's work) surface
mount qrp transciever that will sandwich on your Timex/Microsoft datawatch
so you can radio qrp the internet through your watch... more to come...

Great job guys.

73/72 Bob VO1DRB/Wa6ERB

Disclaimer - I am a proud member of the CO QRP club and having lived in
Denver for 6 years I know that the guys and gals there have to work harder
because of the rarified atmosphere up in the mile high front range - also
the fizzle from soda pop makes their heads a little light.

        Bob Gobrick - VO1DRB/WA6ERB/VE2DRB - Newfoundland, Canada



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