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From: Craig LaBarge (
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 20:47:14 EDT

Jim, WK8G wrote:

>The clincher was that the paddle jack is wired BACKWARDS with the dits and
>dahs on the wrong paddles. At least it is the opposite of all the other
>keyers I own or have ever owned. I didn't want to rewire my Shurr Wabbler or
>Vibroplex Deluxe since I use them with the Logikey CMOS II, so I made up a
>6" cable with male and female 1/8" plug and jack, and I re-reversed the tip
>and ring so it works fine now.

I just installed the keyer in my 9030. While I had the soldering iron out to
change the jumper to Curtis B, I modified the board to re-wire the paddle jack.
With an Exacto knife, I cut the two traces between the connector and the dit
and dah input pins on the chip. Then I soldered two small jumper wires to
"criss-cross" these leads.

>Whew! The bottom line is that the 9020 is a great little rig and very nicely
>put together, the accessories suck! For $40, the keyer is poorly
>constructed. I won't send it back because it works and elimates another box
>and 3 cables, but I'm disappointed.

Although the accessories (at least the ones I bought) are functional, I'd have
to agree that the construction quality was lacking. The soldering on the keyer
board was really sloppy (sloppier than mine!). A while back I bought the
filter board for my 9040. The mounting holes didn't line up with the
stand-offs in the rig, so I had to work the board over with a reamer to get it

73, Craig WB3GCK

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