Wilderness revisited


From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 18:22:48 EDT


I apologize for my English. George in the UK probably gets tears
in his eyes everytime he reads one of my posts and notes what the
colonists are doing to his language. :-)

I used the phrase "marked the frequency". What I meant in better
in English, but not perfect, is that I turned on the MFJ-249 SWR
Analyzer and moved it to where I could hear the internal
oscillator of the MFJ in the receiver of the NC40a. The MFJ-249 has
an internal frequency counter which will show the frequency being
output, thus I knew what the frequency was that I had been using.

The Wayne Burdick keyer/counter has 54 bytes of message memory and
the CMOS III has the more than 1500 bytes.

Again, George et.al., my apologies. I'm trying. You can take that
in more ways than one. :-)

dit dit from the colonies

:-) ;-)

Chuck Adams  K5FO  CP-60  adams@sgi.com

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