RE: Multi Band Kits


Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 14:45:32 EDT

>I planned on a Sierra from Wilderness, due out in Dec. Now I see OHR has
>one also. Can anyone tell me how these two compare in size, performance
>and cost?


>.. Dave


Price is similar. OHR 4-bander around $310-325 without keyer module, Sierra
at $295 for 3 band modules and about $25-30 for the 4th.

Sierra is small, e.g. 2.5 x 5.5 x 5 (approximate), OHR is BIG at 4 x 8 x8.

OHR runs 5w on all bands, Sierra around 2w. OHR is bandswitched from front
panel, Sierra requires changing the module.

OHR draws about 300ma on receive, 1.5 amps on xmit, Sierra only needs about
35ma on receive and say 300ma on xmit.

My estimate is that the OHR will make a great QRP base station while the
Sierra looks like a super travelling rig. I'd like one of each, but will
probably stick with the Icom 735 for home use cranked down to <5w and build
the Sierra for camping.

The other issue is availability: the OHR is shipping now, the SIerra not
until the end of the year. I hate to wait that long and try to hang onto the
$300. Then again, it would make a great Xmas present to moiself. Did I
mention that I'm indecisive?


Jim, WK8G

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